Hekate’s Ritual Table – a book

•February 22, 2012 • Leave a Comment

A project in the making, to write a book about food and drink offerings for Hekate. There is no publishing date as yet, it will be ready as and when the material is ready, since it is being researched on the ground, in visits to areas where Hekate was once worshipped. Dishes are made with local techniques and ingredients and then photographed for the book. Some are cooked by Hellenic hands and enjoyed at the table of the host. The book is in itself an offering and thanks to Hekate and to the hospitality of her devotees.

The Lady of the Crossroads is known for an ancient Greek food custom: the Hekate suppers. This book project explores these ritual suppers at the crossroads and many other gastronomic customs from the areas of the Mediterranean associated with Hekate. There is an abundance of elements for celebratory feasts and for offerings made in the spirit of the ancient customs to honour the deities.  From libations with soul to wonderful arrays of dishes with ingredients from all three kingdoms, everything is imbued with the culinary craft which pleases eye and palate alike.

There is such happiness and sharing of all kinds that occurs around well prepared tables and the best expression of this work and enthusiasm is the sharing in community with others who also understand and nourish body and soul together, as indivisible elements. Worship is expressed in so many forms and the work we do for our deities and in their honour is probably the most gratifying, that is also the concept of the work in this book.